Wednesday, September 28, 2011


to appreciate what you have, before you loose it
to be patient when He took away things you really love
to forgive others who break your heart, tear your happiness
to thank people who always makes your life easier, perhaps better..
to think everything that happens has its own reason, plus lesson
to return what you borrow from Him..
to be responsible for what you promised others
to be tolerate with people around you..
to come back to Him.. when you have no other places to go, no choice to be taken, no way to run away...

dear you..
sighing won't solve the problem.. so do the tears..
keep moving on with what you get, with what you have..
have faith in Him..
trust Him, and yourself too
He has the solution... the BEST solution
yes, He always have it
what are you waiting for?
go to Him
seek His forgiveness
His love, 
may He bless you with His Jannah....

~ too good to be true.. am feeling quite awful.. but i know this is the best from Him..
~ Allah... Allah.. Allah...

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